To newer field where we continue advancing.Technology of special foils

Nikka Techno Inc.’s technology of special foils

Lower price stamping foils for security application using normal foils

Hologram is standard as a conventional hot stamping foil for security purpose but applicable products are limited because of the very high price.

Recently, we have developed lower price stamping foils for security purpose using normal foils.

Product features

  1. Hot stamped letters etc. are transparent otherwise silver under sunlight or a fluorescent lamp etc. but they emit pale by illuminating a UV light (a black light).
  2. Good heat, solvent, and abrasion resistant
  3. Transferable to variety of materials, such as paper, plastic.
  4. Applicable not only for security purpose but also for decorative purpose

Electromagnetic wave transmission foil

Gold, silver, copper, chrome, nickel, titanium, and nickel-chromium alloy etc. have been used for conventional vacuum metalizing transfer foils, but these products cause breakdown very easily when a high voltage potential is made because they have good electrical conductivity and quite low breakdown voltage.

Our electromagnetic wave permeable foils do not have defects such as electric discharge, heat shrinkage, combustion for instance even against a high frequency irradiation, because they have high electromagnetic wave permeability against 300MHz - 300GHz microwave. Furthermore, they are not miss-detected by high sensitivity metal detectors that are to find out mixture of foreign metal.

The special metal used for this product is vacuum metalised with our advanced technology, and the product has almost the same metallic luster as conventional metalised hot stamping foils. This is our new product which can respond to variety of requirements for example label paper for foods, wrapping paper, label paper for apparel, further insert injection processing as an application.

Metal detector appropriate example
Ishida D3-3000-PB/WP Not detected
Nikka Densoku Y-1500 Not detected

Product features

  1. Having metallic gloss
  2. Having insulation properties
  3. No detection even by high sensitivity metal detectors
  4. usable in microwave oven as not having electromagnetic inductivities

After printing transfer foil

Main characteristics of this foil is that it can print at gravure, offset or flexo printing on transfer foil surface. Therefore this foil can make design more widely than the conventional transfer foil. (Recommendation ink is FD series made by ‘TOYO ink’)


  1. It is possible to add function of heat, light or scratch resistance by printing the transparent medium on transfer foil surface.
  2. Improved work efficiency of printing process.
  3. Color type are gold, silver, matt, color and special color.
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