Track of technology to holography.Technology of holography

We are the sole integrative manufacturer of hologram films and transfer foils in Japan.

Wave peaks and troughs of a light are out of alignment when a light illuminates and reflects by an object.
It is called "holography" that a technology to record and reproduce three-dimensional images using this phenomenon.

We are the sole integrative manufacturer of hologram films and transfer foils in Japan.

We produce shims (patterns), that are very important for holograms, in our own facility (all the related processes are made in 1000 level clean rooms) and currently have over fifty patterns, and have been a member ofIHMA(International Hologram Manufacturers Association).

We can produce special order foils in a short term using our original patterns to respond to customers’ requirements such as various hot stamping equipments, speed of equipments and any material applied to because we are an integrated manufacturer.

Varieties of hologram transfer foils

For general paper / coated paper
(such as art paper, fine quality paper, cast coated, UV, water-based and Japanese paper etc.)

For plastic, PP sheets, PET sheets

For over printing

For second surface
(such as PP and PET sheets etc.)

For plastic, ABS, PC, acrylic, AS etc

For binder

Additionally, we offer customized adhesives by your order suitable for the materials you would like to apply to

Our standard colors are: Transparent, Gold, Blue, Green, Red and Pink.

And we will offer custom colors by your order

Color emitting security hologram foil by UV illumination

Type: SE1LS
Materials applied to: Paper (plastic etc.)
Way of stamping: UP/DOWN, Cylinder
Color: Silver
Film (12, 16, 19, and 25μ)

Product features

  1. Hot stamped letters or patterns are rainbow holograms under sunlight or a fluorescent lamp etc. but they emit pale by illuminating a UV light (a black light). Therefore, this can be applied to security and also decorative uses.
  2. Two ways of security effects: hologram and UV emitting.
  3. Transferable to variety of materials, such as paper, plastic.
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We have joined IHMA:InternationalHologramManufacturersAssociation