Opening from “heat” Technology of cold stamping foils

Transferable foil without heat or plates

Cold stamping foils mean the foils that are transferable using a flexo press, an offset press, or a seal press etc. without any heat or plate.

The most popular transferring method is that you laminate a foil on an application material adhesive applied, and cure adhesive by UV illumination, then the foil completes transcription.

Therefore, cold stamping foils are applicable to materials, that are easy to be affected by heating or of large area transcription, that are concerned about using a conventional hot stamping.

Features of technology of cold stamping foils

1.Good metallic gloss

2.Good foil release, and possible to transfer nets

3.Good printability over a transferred foil

Before over printing

After over printing

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4.Good workability, and possible to be transferred in high speed

5.Film width up to 980mm

6.Possible to be transferred to paper, PP, and PET sheets

Transcription to a PP sheet

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