Highly specialized technology backed by continuous effort.Technology of vacuum metalizing transfer foils

These are accumulated specialized technologies that are only a specialized manufacturer could have obtained.

We are proud of stabilities in the transfer foil technology highly required. We lead the industry with providing stable quality foils having high speed continuous forming technology, and our products achieve excellent yield. In addition, the foils have excellent foil release and workability. In all production stages, each process is regulated strictly by our quality control standards, and our unique quality management system has been made to systematize entire production process. We keep improving as feedbacks on everyday evaluations in the system.

Vacuum metalizing transfer foil production process

STEP1: Application of release layer to base film

Thin, heat resistant high quality materials are selected with the greatest care to suit a particular purpose. Stability and high quality is guaranteed by a through knowledge of the materials used
Serves to release the base film from the other layers of film. Advanced thin film composition for superiority in foil release and wear resistance.

STEP2: Application of coloring layer

Adds color or design to the metallic brilliance created by vacuum evaporation.
Techno, Inc. technology provides advanced adhesive qualities to the vacuum evaporation layer such as strength, heat, water, and corrosion resistance.

STEP3: vacuum evaporation layer composition

Unified film thickness and luster achieved through high brightness metallic thin film composed by vacuum metalizing.

STEP4: Application of adhesive layer

Adheres foil film to other materials.
Superior transfer foiling process of foil release, strength and substance resistances have been achieved through tried and tested adhesion suitability, chemical composition and transfer conditions.

STEP5: Winding and inspection

Products made with vacuum metalizing transfer foil

Cigarette packaging

Liquor bottle labels

Confectionery packaging



Music CD packaging

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