Aiming to be elegance

We believe the function of stamping foils is to add even more culture and dignity to the culture created by printing technology, and we have worked to create products that aim to make a leap from decorative beauty to elegant beauty. As a result, we have got higher reputation from all over the world as a quality leader in the industry. In recent years, we have also contributed significantly to the creation of a new era of culture by expanding into electronic related fields.


Nikka Techno's reliable technologies will enrich future society.



We aim to understand market demands accurately and supply high quality products stably and promptly. We also aim to comply with social rules and to contribute to societies as our most important issues are “environment and safety”


We consider protection of the global environment as one of our important issues corporations should address as important as our business philosophy like product quality improvement and cost performance.
We make effort every day to protect the global environment with focusing the following points.